Cubicles, Systems, and Workstations

Businesses are quickly moving towards open and collaborative spaces. Cubicles with high walls are being replaced with lower walls in order to encourage teamwork and collaboration in a fast-paced and technological age. We feature several different manufacturers which allow us to configure your office in whatever way you would like, whether that is to maximize personnel, teamwork, collaboration, or both.

Open Office Vendors and Manufacturers

We are authorized dealers for the following systems and cubicle manufacturers:

  • Tayco Workwell
  • Three-H
  • AIS
  • Trendway / Trendwall

Open Office Systems Improves Collaboration

According to a study made by the Wall Street Journal, for offices that implemented an open office solution:

…email traffic dropped by more than 50%, while decision making accelerated by some 25% because workers were able to meet informally instead of volleying emails from offices and cubes.

Please get in touch or request an office walk-through to start space planning your existing or new office. Make your team and clients happy and improve productivity with an open office systems line today.


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